Minimalist Design + Kawaii?! 6 Ways I've Blended These Styles

 It's been QUITE a year!

I can’t believe it! Kawaii for the culture has officially been here for one year! In that year I have learned a lot about people. Last year, I got the opportunity to be a vendor at Dreamcon 2022 in Texas. It was a great chance to meet my customers and target audience face-to-face. One thing I learned is how people really shop and move.

The lesson that stood out to me was that, people need to see themselves in the product before they ever purchase it, or put it on. Even myself, although I LOVE some color, I have curated a wardrobe that can handle bright pinks and pastel pops of color. Unfortunately, the average person, working job a with a dress code,  and just running errands, needs to be able to casually add a unique piece to their everyday attire. Armed with this new info, I got to work!



How this newfound info inspired me:

That’s where the “Kawaii Minimalism” collection was born. While my first collection, “Aesthetic Anime” was a labor of love, it was still a departure from the casual style of the everyday fashion choices. Let’s be real, Blerds will rock graphic tees with their favs, but a bright pink bomber jacket with an anime inspired design? Now that’s a BOLD choice.

With this collection, I want people to be able to find the classic pieces they love, with just a pop of kawaii flare. This collection will have staple pieces like, hoodies, classic tees, joggers, and socks. However, there will be subtle nods to kawaii culture. Soft pastels, strawberries, and playful fonts combined with soft natural color palettes are the perfect mix!

Curious to know how this looks in action? Check out the Collection, or keep reading to find out 6 ways I blend kawaii aesthetic with minimalist principles.

What I hope to accomplish with this collection:

At its core, kawaii minimalism collection is all about creating a collection, that can be comfortably worn to the grocery store, gym, or wherever you find yourself going. I want people to be able to pair these pieces with the things they already have in their closets. Keep reading because I'm going to lay out exactly how this collection will blend minimalism with kawaii aesthetic!

6 ways this collection blends kawaii aesthetic and minimalism:


  1. Kawaii minimalism is all about incorporating pops of color and fun playful elements into everyday streetwear. The color palette evokes, softness and playfulness in the most minimal ways.
  2. Simple Design. Minimalism is all about getting rid of the things that don't add value. This line is focused on appreciating the little things that spark joy with no extra noise to distract from design.
  3. Kawaii minimalism is all about finding beauty in the everyday life. There is nothing worse than only being able to wear something to anime convention or special events. I’ve found that my favorite pieces are ones I can wear ALL the time.
  4. A palette inspired by nature. In minimalism, nature inspired colors are a sure way to evoke peace. The items in this collection call on beachy palettes, and earth tones with some pops of pink. It’s sure to be easy on the eyes.
  5. Includes pops of kawaii aesthetic. Kawaii minimalism is all about balancing simplicity with playful, cute elements. Each design includes a nod to kawaii culture in a small way.
  6. Focused on quality over quantity. When it comes to kawaii minimalism, less is more. Most of the pieces in this collection feature embroidered designs. This means that your pieces will last a long time, no need to worry about designs fading after a few washes!


How does this apply to our customers?

My hope is that incorporating kawaii minimalism into your life can help create a sense of calm and happiness, while still allowing you to express your unique sense of style. Whether you're decluttering your home or rethinking your approach to fashion, there are plenty of ways to embrace this fun, playful trend.

So go ahead, embrace the cute and colorful world of kawaii minimalism and see how it can transform your life! Shop the Collection now, and subscribe to emails, so that you know when more pieces are added to the collection

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